In this article, I go over step by step, how to can create TikTok mashup video, upload it to YouTube and get massive traffic and view to your YouTube channel

TikTok is a social media platform where you can create short videos with your phone. It’s especially popular with young people.

With TikTok, users create and share short videos with their followers. We merged these short videos into one long video known as the TikTok mashup.

With TikTok mashup being uploaded on YouTube, it become a popular trend that most people love to watch and listen to.

Let’s get started.

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What is TikTok Mashup?

TikTok mashup is the combination of songs used in TikTok videos, which are converted to mp3 and merged to create a piece of long-mix music.

TikTok Mashup lets you combine TikTok videos or songs with other TikTok videos or songs that were posted in the same category (hashtags) or has similar genres/beats.

It can be a combination of videos or a combination of the song played in viral TikTok videos that have been converted to mp3.

TikTok Mashup is a really cool idea because it gives people more content to watch and it also exposes them to TikTok videos that they may not have seen before.

TikTok mashup YouTube channel

TikTok mashup YouTube channels are awesome.

Not only are their mashups good for listening, but they are also getting massive views and subscribers every day to their videos and YouTube channel.

If you are just starting out a YouTube channel, the TikTok mashup niche is still green.

Here are 10 YouTube channels creating TikTok mashup and their current views and subscriber

s/nChannel nameTotal viewsTotal subscriberChannel link
1.TikTok Sun166,000,000+345,000+Go to channel



2.TikTok Mashup147,000,000+627,000+Go to channel
3.Philippines Mashup110,000,000+379,000+Go to channel
4.TikTok Pinas88,000,000+UndisclosedGo to channel
5.LV Decierdo86,000,000+218,000+Go to channel
6.Pochi Mashups83,000,000+405,000+Go to channel
7.TikTok Star One56,000,000+UndisclosedGo to channel
8.Mashup Vibe50,000,000+UndisclosedGo to channel
9.Sweetly clean40,000,000+79,000+Go to channel
10.JRMASHUP14,000,000+68,000+Go to channel

These TikTok channels mentioned are just among the best, and they all achieve this number of views through creating mashups in under 2-years.

During my research, I also found one channel Shot Vidot that achieve 1,600,000+ views in under 3 months (Joined Jan 19, 2022)

This shows how greener the TikTok mashup still is in 2022.

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What are the best TikTok mashups and compilations?

With dozens of TikTok mashups that are being released every hour, of course, there will be tons of mashups on YouTube. And the disheartening thing is, these mashups are usually similar or the same.

Here are my favorite TikTok mashups that I have downloaded from YouTube below. I prefer not to waste my data streaming one mashup on YouTube repeatedly.

If you don’t know how to download YouTube videos, read this post.

These are the best clean and not clean TikTok mashups on YouTube.

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How to create TikTok mashup and upload to YouTube

App needed to create our TikTok mashup

Before we get started, you want to make sure you have these apps installed on your phone;

  1. TikTok app (of course)
  2. Audiolab (download link)
  3. TikTok mp3 converter (to convert TikTok video to audio)
  4. VideoShow (or any other video editor)
  5. Canva or Pixellab (for thumbnail)

How to get TikTok mp3 converter

There is a lot of mp3 converters available over the internet (both app and website) but most of them are just a bunch of craps loaded with ads.

For this tutorial, follow me to get the best TikTok mp3 downloader

1. Google search “TikTok mp3 downloader.”

Go to your Google from your web browser, and on the Google search box, enter the keyword “Tiktok mp3 downloader”

tiktok mp3 download on google search box

2. Find a website named SSSTIK

If you have this website “SSSTIK” on your top result click on it. If not, it should between the 2 to 3 results.

As you can see above, I have it as my number page on the Google search engine.

3. Click on the top left 3 lines on your browser

Now we want to add this website to our phone home screen. To do this, see the top left of your screen and click on the 3 lines (as seen below)

4. Click on add to the home screen

When you click on the 3 lines, you will have this dropdown. You want to stroll down and find where it say “Add to Home Screen”

Now click on the add to the home screen and move to the next step

5. Finally, Click on add

If you successfully perform the above step, you will have this pop on your window screen.

Click on Add to add SSSTIK website page to your home screen.

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Now that we have all the required apps to create our TikTok mashup, let’s create our first mashup song for YouTube.

I will divide this tutorial into 4 parts, but part 4 is not really necessary if you are already a YouTuber.

In part 1, we will find and download (as many as possible) videos for our mashup

In part 2, we will merge our downloaded mp3 for mashup

In part 3, we will create our TikTok mashup

In part 4, we will prepare our mashup for YouTube

Without further ado, let’s dive in

Part 1: Find and Download videos for TikTok mashup

This section is where we will determine the songs in our TikTok mashup

Step 1: Open your TikTok app and go to the discover tab

Step 2: From the search box above, enter your desired video keyword to download

Step 3: Click on any of the search results and play the video

Step 4: Click on the share button

Step 5: Copy the video links

Step 6: Open SSSTIK

Now locate and open the SSSTIK we added to our home screen earlier

Step 7: Paste the link in the download box and click download

Step 8: Click on Download Mp3

(skip the ads)

Step 9: Click on the 3 dots and click download

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Step 10: We successfully downloaded our video

There are a lot of ways and methods to download the TikTok videos and convert them to mp3, but this is the easier way to do it.

Now download as many as possible the songs you like to include in your TikTok mashup following the above steps.

Quick Tips

Since we are likely to set every duration of songs in our mashup to 20-30seconds, we need at least 20 different songs to create an 8-10mins video

Finding TikTok kinds of music for mashup might be a little tricky and you might waste a lot of data trying to find songs that go together.

Follow these steps to see how I find music for mashup

  1. Decide the genres of the song you want to use (in this tutorial, I’m going to use “Pop”)
  2. Head over to TikTok and in the “discover tab”, enter “pop music” in the search box
  3. From the result, slide to the “Sounds tabs”
  4. Go over the music in the result and find the one you like
  5. Once you find a TikTok song you like, click on the song, and in the result, find a video that has the song
  6. Click on the Share button to copy the link to the video
  7. Go to SSHTIK to download the video as mp3

I hope you get the idea.

Let’s move forward.

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Part 2: Trim and Merge the downloaded mp3 for TikTok Mashup

In this section, we will edit and merge our downloaded mp3s together and get them ready for our mashup.

Let get started

Step 1: Open the AudioLab app

Step 2: Click on the Trim Audio

Step 3: From the All Tracks, find and select the mp3 file you download

Step 4: Trim the mp3 audio file

Step 5: Click save

Step 6: Rename the file and click on create

Now go back and repeat these above steps for all the mp3 file you want to use for your TikTok Mashup

Once you are done, follow this step to merge the songs together into mashup

Step 7: Open the AudioLab app and click on merge audio

Step 8: Select the audio you trim

Step 9: Click on the + icon below the screen and select other songs you trimmed for your mashup

Note: Not all songs need to be trimmed, especially those that are below 20seconds in duration

Step 10: Using the 6 dots on the right side of the audio, re-arrange the audio files as you like

Step 11: When you are done, click on the merge button

Step 12: Rename the audio and click on Merge

Done: You TikTok mashup

Part 3: Create the TikTok Mashup Video

What we need to create the TikTok mashup into video is the combination of the audio we merge above and an image to use as background.

Follow me closely to create our TikTok Mashup Video

I have already created my Background image for my mashup using Pixellab, I believe you’ve done the same.

Now let’s create the video

Step 1: Open the VideoShow app (or any other video editor app you are using)

Step 2: Click on edit video

Step 3: Select the background picture you create for your mashup

Step 4: From the bottom of the screen, click on the “edit tab”

Step 5: Click on the duration

Step 6: Swipe right to reach 10s to open the duration tab. Set the number to the duration of your song.

Alternatively, add more photos of the single background you created and set them to 10s each till it reaches the minutes of your music.

By doing this, you can add transitions to your images while the song is playing.

However, if you find it stressful, just stick to the above method in step 6

Step 7: Click on the mark icon

Step 8: Click on the music sound tab and select the TikTok mashup you created in Part 2

Step 9: Make optional edit

Step 10: Click on export

Your TikTok mashup is now completely ready to be uploaded

Part 4: Prepare the TikTok Mashup to YouTube

In other to make your mashup song to get lots of you, you need a good attractive thumbnail a YouTube keyword research tool for your title, a good keyword-optimized description, and lots of tags.

I recommend VIDIQ.

Step 1: Using Canva or Pixellab, create an attractive thumbnail for your TikTok mashup video

Tips: you can get ideas from your competitor

Step 2: Go to VIDIQ and search for low competition keywords with high monthly search

Tip: Philippine TikTok mashup gets thousands of view

Step 3: Pick one keyword you can easily rank for, and use it to optimize your title, description, and image.

Add the rest of the keywords to the description of the video with the heading “Tags”.

The more tags, the better.

Step 4: Upload your mashup

Congratulations, you have successfully created your first TikTok mashup video. and congratulations once again for getting your first million views on YouTube.

Now, this is not the end, you want to make sure you upload a new mashup, at least every 5 hours to your channel.

Final thought

This is to tell the YouTube algorithm that you are serious about your channel.

If you find this tutorial helpful or have any further questions, please lemme know in the comment box below.

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