How to see who shared your tiktok hack

If you ever wondered how to see who shared your TikTok videos, or perhaps you want to see who has been stalking you on TikTok, this guide is for you.

TikTok is a video platform where users share videos of themselves, either to gain traction and grow followers or to build their brand or business.

Whatever the reason you may use TikTok, you might want to know who is interacting with your TikTok videos and where your audience is coming from especially after publishing a tiktok video with a good caption.

Or maybe you want some excitement and want to know if your work paying already.

By reading this blog post to the end, you will learn how to see who shared your TikTok and also see some important analytics that might interest you.

Let’s get started.

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Step-by-Step How to see who Shared Your TikTok

Step 1 – Open Your TikTok App

The first step to see who shared your TikTok videos is to open your TikTok app.

The first thing you want to do is to Locate and open your TikTok app from your mobile phone, then go to your PROFILE by clicking the profile button

step 1: how to see who shared your tiktok

Step 2 – Click on The 3 Dot Line

The second step to see who shared your TikTok videos is to click on the 3 dot line as seen in the below screenshot.

This is the second step on how to see who shared your TikTok.

Now that you are in your profile; click on the 3 lines as seen in the below screenshot to see some features in your profile.

Step 3 – Switch To Pro Account

The third step to see who shared your TikTok videos is to switch you account to a professional account.

The next step to seeing your shared TikTok video is to switch your TikTok account to either a Professional account or a Business account.

This is a must before you can see your TikTok shared videos.

So click on the Switch to Pro account (see the below screenshot)

PS: You can ignore this step if your account is already on the pro account

Step 4 – Choose Your Account Type

The fourth step to see who shared your TikTok videos is to choose your professional account type

Now you need to select whether you want to use TikTok as a creator or a business.

Select Creator if you want to create content for fun, a public figure, an artist, or an influencer.

However, if you are a brand, retailer, service provider, or organization, Business is the best option for you.

Either way, choose one that best describes what you use TikTok for.

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In my case, I’m going to choose Business.

Step 5 – Select Creator Tools (For Business)

The fifth step to see who shared your TikTok videos is to select creator tools

Congratulations on becoming a professional Tiktoker and a step away to see your shared tiktoks.

Now click on the 3 lines on your profile page again. If you choose a Business like me, you will get something like this below.

If you choose to become a Creator, skip this step.

Step 6 – Click on Analytics

The sixth and final step to see who shared your TikTok is to click on the analytics

The analytics is where you get to see your shared TikTok videos, people who like your videos, and everyone who interacts with you on TikTok

The Analytics will enable you to see your account overview add captions to tiktok and for a specific period selected.

You can also see who shared your videos, followed you, view your videos, and liked your videos and comments too.

You can also check to see if anyone interacts with particular videos of yours on TikTok.

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How To See Who Interacts With Your TikTok Videos

To see who interacts with your TikTok videos, all you need to do is Go to your profile and select the video you want to see who shares it.

Below the video, you will see something like this.

Then you’ll be prompt to Turn on this (as seen below) to learn about your viewers

Once you’ve turned on that, your video analytics will be visible to you

From the analytics, you can see

  • Your Total playtime
  • Average watch time
  • The audience you’ve reached
  • Your video views by section
  • Your video view by region


In just 6 steps, you’ve learned how to see who shared your TikTok videos. If you follow these steps correctly, then I’d assume you now know how to see who shared your TikTok videos.

If this guide works for you, kindly comment below.

And perhaps if you have questions or guides you’d like us to write on, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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