When you surf the net for time management software to help you save time, you will get loads of software claiming to improve your life.

But is there any truth in their claims? I would answer Yes and No.

Yes, because if you follow the instructions given by this software you will definitely save time and effort. But unless you decide to sit down and plan your activities yourself, the software won’t be of much help to you.

You need to make the optimum use of the time management software so that it gives you 100% performance.

These are software that helps you organize your days better, manage and schedule your activities effectively.

For time management software to work, remember, you need to develop a plan.

Planning the day’s events and activities is perhaps the most important way to increase productivity.

Every hour spent in effectively planning and scheduling tasks saves three to four hours in their execution.

For example; If you are working from home, your schedule may include:

  • managing telephone calls
  • accepting visitors
  • visiting relatives
  • eating lunch
  • spending time with your kids, etc.

You will need to give time to these activities and then plan accordingly.

For this, you can either use a notepad or, if you work from your computer, a simple and efficient planner would do.


What Are Time Management Software

Time management software can be a computer program or web application that gives information about how to make better use of your time. They save you from the guesswork and get you to take action immediately.

All you have to do is find software that works best for you, install it on your computer or mobile phone, and start using it to get more productive.

A time management software can be as simple as a to-do list which helps you create a list of the tasks you want to accomplish and prioritize them

  • It can be a project management software, which helps you break down projects into easy steps
  • It can be a focus-based app, which helps you identify distractions,
  • It can be a work organizer app, which helps you in organizing your files and folders
  • It can be a time-tracking software or app, which helps you in tracking time spent on various activities and more.

It is up to you to decide the app or software you need to help you get more productive.

There are quite a few choices out there, but we wanted to bring you 7 of our favorites for you to consider.

These are full-featured pieces of software that can help keep you organized, streamline your workflow and ensure all tasks get done on time–if not before!

Remember, no software will manage time for you without your consent. Without you giving it authorization and access to do so. So in reality, it is you who has to manage your time.


The planner or the notepad is just a tool to assist you in managing your time. You can also maintain a to-do list.


Most people like to answer their calls themselves.

However, this actually interferes with your concentration, and some effort is usually required to return their attention to what they are doing.

A big-time waster for some people in their workplace is the telephone (making and accepting calls).

Here, an answering machine like getting a VoIP number can save you loads of time.

Nextiva is a great VoIP software provider that can help you in making and accepting calls from clients and customers.

With Nextiva, you won’t have to take all the calls yourself.


Using Time Management Software

Time is a valuable resource. Once a second, a minute, or even an hour has passed, it is impossible to regain that lost time.

Time management, therefore, can be one of the most important aspects of a person’s life.

It provides you with a reduced stress level, as it helps keep the overbearing pressure of procrastination and unfinished work from interfering with life.

While some people spend long hours trying to analyze their schedules and change their lives, others make use of tools to help with time management skills.

Time is the most valuable resource of all.

And if you are spending too much time doing tasks that could be easily automated, then you’re not using your time to the fullest potential.

So save some time and automate your life by using these 7 time management software that would help you manage your schedule with ease

So that you can spend more time on things that are important in your life.


6 Time Management Software You Should Start Using


1. Things 3

An iPhone app that syncs with your Mac desktop, Things 3 is a simple and smart tool for organizing all of your tasks.

You can organize them into various lists, such as work or home, so you can quickly find what needs doing when it needs doing.

Add details about each task and set reminders to keep on top of your deadlines. It’s available for both iPhone and Mac.


2. Todoist

This is another time management software to help you save time.

Todoist is a great tool for helping people get more organized with tasks. It’s free and easy to use, with intuitive tools and great design.

For example:

One of Todoist’s best features allows users to schedule deadlines for items on their To-Do list, which can be scheduled in 10-minute increments if need be.

This way, they remind users of a task’s due date at regular intervals until it’s complete!

Another powerful feature is its shareable interface, which allows you to add other people or teams to your projects and delegate tasks accordingly.

Project management doesn’t have to be stressful with Todoist!


3. Asana

Asana is a task management software that allows you to collaborate with your team and organize tasks in multiple projects.

Tasks can be shared, assigned, discussed, labeled, and reported on within each project.

The software can be accessed from any device so there is always access to tasks.

One of my favorite features is assigning dates that correspond with projects/goals; all notifications will be sent out on those days in order for reminders.

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Asana is free for teams of up to 15 people and paid for teams above 15 members. It’s available on

  • macOS X,
  • iOS,
  • Android,
  • Windows 10 desktop and mobile devices.


4) Nextiva

Managing your calls sometimes maximize your time and efforts.

An automated phone system can you do just that. Saving you hours every week!

With features like Auto AttendantCall Forwarding, and Virtual Extensions, Nextiva can be your virtual receptionist while you are out of the office.

As soon as your next appointment is scheduled and confirmed;

Auto Attendant will route them directly to your cell phone or mobile device when it’s convenient for them.

Similarly, if you aren’t available at your business location during business hours or are on vacation or traveling for work or pleasure;

Virtual extensions will forward calls instantly to wherever cell service is best.

Nextiva is my all-time favorite phone system because it does exactly what it says.

At first, I thought I would have a hard time making all of my calls through VoIP, but after trying Nextiva for just one month,

I found everything ran much more smoothly and seamlessly than before.

When your business depends on having a professional phone system at your fingertips all day long;

Nextiva’s unlimited local and long-distance calls are definitely something worth looking into.

The call quality is crystal clear and you can set up voicemail greetings so that people know how to reach you in case of an emergency or when regular business hours are closed.


5) Omnifocus

If OmniFocus is a good fit for your workflow, then it’s certainly worth a shot. It is another time management software to help you save time.

The app has been around for years and, in that time, it’s picked up many accolades and earned high marks from Macworld magazine.

They designed the interface for power users, but after just a few hours of use, I found my way around it.

The key with OmniFocus is organization; if you can get your tasks in order before adding them into your Inbox (where they will be sorted by due date), then using OmniFocus will really pay off.

If that sounds like work—and work not related to what’s actually on your plate—then perhaps there are better options out there for you.


6) Rescue Time

RescueTime is a pretty cool tool that helps you track how much time you spend on different websites and activities throughout your day.

If you want to take it a step further, you can even set daily limits so that when 10:00 pm rolls around, for example,

RescueTime automatically shuts down your computer—or at least forces it into do not disturb mode.

Of course, a program like RescueTime only works if it’s used religiously and without fail.

If you self-monitor your work habits using apps like RescueTime, you will control those habits in real life and actually increase productivity.

Choosing the software is a matter of preference.

  • Research the software before you buy it.
  • Make sure it has all the features you are looking for.
  • Remember, you will only use the software if you like it.

Any software can give you time management benefits if used correctly, just be sure it fits with your personal preferences.


3 Benefit Of Time Management Software


1. It Can Help To Increase Your Productivity.

Time management software essentially allows you to accomplish more tasks without much more effort being placed on those tasks.

It can help you realize where you are losing time each day. You may lose five minutes here and five minutes there. By the end of the day, that can add up to a few hours.

Time management software can help you discover those issues and deal with them. This can increase your ability to work and may even increase your earning potential.


2. It Can Help You Strike A Balance In Your Life.

Most people are so poorly organized that it is difficult for them to find a balance in their lives between their personal and professional tasks.

As a result, they go to bed each evening feeling unfulfilled.

Effective time management software can help you organize your life so effectively

That you will understand what is truly important in your life so that you can set your schedule to fulfill those goals and priorities regularly.


3. It Can Help Reduce Your Stress Level.

Learning time management skills takes time.

Using friendly software to help you manage your time takes very little of something you are probably already having difficulty finding–time.

Stress can cause irritability, lack of sleep, weight gain, lack of concentration, and a poor self-image.

Time management software can prevent and solve many of these problems by helping you realize what you need to accomplish and when you need to do it.

It can help you feel as if you are truly taking control of your life just when you thought it was spinning out beyond all possible recognition.


Final Thought

It doesn’t matter if you spend your days as a freelancer, a full-time employee, or some combination of both: We could all use more productive hours in our days.

That’s where time management software comes in—to make sure we’re using our precious minutes wisely.


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