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Why Write for Us Grip Recap

As the growing media company GRIP RECAP, we have set high standards for the quality of the content that we release, so we post only the most informative and insightful posts on our site.

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Here are just a few examples of the kind of articles we accept on our website: Best Work Organization App | Productivity Tools for Freelancer | How to Achieve Professional Goals

What Are We Looking For?

Motivation, Self-Improvement, and Productivity is the theme. We post articles that fit within the self-improvement genre How to reach your goals by means of Motivation, Money, Mindset, Fitness, Confidence, Self-Belief, Self-Discipline, Goal setting, Productivity, and Success Secrets. Besides this, we also enjoy motivational/inspirational articles about overcoming adversity, taking action, and reaching goals.

  • Our preference is for articles from 1200 to 3000 words long, including a two-paragraph introduction, followed by good-quality subheadings. To find out more, check out some of our previous works on GripRecap.com
  • The articles we write should be informative, interesting, and upbeat, so our readers can feel motivated and inspired to achieve their goals. This is why we do not recommend using long quotes and speeches in your writing.
  • A highly contextual link that adds value to our readers may be considered for inclusion in the body of the article at the discretion of our lead editor, but it is not guaranteed. Our goal is to provide practical advice to our readers, not to promote your products and services. Your bio at the bottom of your article will take care of that (you can only have one link in your bio, unless you link to a social media profile).
  • While we may not be able to accept work that’s been published before, originality is key. Even if it has already been published on your own personal blog, social media platforms, or other sites, we will not accept it if it is not unique.
  • If you do not share the same values for good work that we do, we don’t accept your work. Visitors who spend only a little time creating a story with the intention of putting out an unrelated post to promote a website link are easy to spot, and they are often summarily turned down by our team. The content of your article should be well-organized, well-thought-, useful, and include one or more of the following features: informative, funny, emotional, or entertaining. A good read, in short.

We DO NOT accept paid links. We are, however, open to advertising, sponsored posts and partnerships. You can Contact us for more information

Ready to Partner Up?

Send your pitch to lincleonatgriprecap.com.

We will update you (soon) with a few helpful insights to be aware of before you sending your pitch.

Take note – We reserve the right to remove links from an article or make other changes in order to meet our readers’ preferences and increase the writing’s quality and its effectiveness in search engines. After publishing an article it becomes the intellectual property of Grip Recap, LLC.

We look forward to partnering with you to publish your great content online and change lives together!